Who is Byron Mark?

I love sounds and I love rhythm. Combining these, I love to create music.

From a young age, I would tickle the Ivories or tap out beats on anything I could find, and years later, nothing much has changed – in fact I probably do those things a whole lot more now!

What has changed though is my musical awareness and knowledge – and now, I perform, compose and record music with many different bands and artists. Piano and percussion is my forte, and the best part is that I never stop learning about music.

Scenes from

“Piano Dance”

Check out some live still photos from the making of the ‘Piano Dance’ video. It was very exciting filming my first solo music video with some of my extremely talented friends.

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My debut album is now complete - ready for your listening pleasure!! Click here to purchase it on iTunes. OR.....if you would like a personalised signed copy of the album,…

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