Who is Byron Mark?

I love sounds and I love rhythm. Combining these, I love to create music. From a young age, I would tickle the ivories or tap out beats on anything I could find, and years later, nothing much has changed – in fact I probably do those things a whole lot more now!

What has changed though is my musical awareness and knowledge – and now, I perform, compose and record music with many different bands and artists. Piano and percussion is my forte, and the best part is that I never stop learning about music.

After my first year of University studying composition, I decided to take music seriously, and have now played at many national festivals and international tours, and established myself as a professional keyboardist and percussionist.

I have a strong passion for hand percussion – and have focused on learning the Djembe and Cajon. I was fortunate to travel to Guinea in northwest Africa and Spain to properly study the rhythmic roots and application of these drums. Now I enjoy creating interesting fusions as I use these drums in my music. Using the Cajon in flamenco music is one of my favourite ways to explore rhythm.

When it comes to the piano, I have journeyed from my Classical upbringing to now performing funk/reggae/jazz/pop on a variety of different synthesisers and electric pianos – for me it’s all about creating that unique sound.

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