Byron Mark is a professional percussionist, pianist and composer, who has established himself as an in-demand funk, flamenco, jazz, and pop performer both in Australia and internationally. Beginning with study in classical piano from a young age, Byron continued on to learn drums, percussion and saxophone, and has pursued specialist training on cajon in Spain and djembe in West Africa.

Having completed a Bachelor of Composition and Masters of Teaching, Byron regularly performs and composes for various artists around Australia, as well as managing and conducting high-school concert and stage band ensembles.

His current projects include percussionist and pianist for various flamenco ensembles in Sydney, including Paco Lara, ‘Arrebato Ensemble’ and Flamenkisimo. Byron also plays keyboards in the Frank Zappa show ‘Petulant Frenzy’, and keyboard/percussion in rhythm and movement ensemble ‘Jamestown Collective’. He is also well known for his unique ‘percussion station’ performance setup when playing in pop duo/trio formats – playing keyboards and percussion simultaneously.

Byron also composes his own music. In June 2022, he released his second album ‘ODYSSEY’; a collection of compositions for piano, string quartet and percussion. Byron’s debut album ‘AMALGAMATION’ in 2016 earned him top 5 in Australia for instrumental composition at the Australian Independent Music Awards.

“I love sounds and I love rhythm. Combining these, I love to create music. From a young age, I would tickle the ivories or tap out beats on anything I could find, and years later, nothing much has changed – in fact I probably do those things a whole lot more now! What has changed though is my musical awareness and knowledge, which continues to grow everyday on the lifelong journey of music”.


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