MUSIC CROWNS: ‘Behind the scenes of ODYSSEY album’

As Byron releases his ‘Byroven’ single, Music Crowns dive deeper into the creative thoughts behind Odyssey.


“The infectious exuberance of the Byron Mark Septet”

Heidi Hereth from ClassikON reviews Byron’s debut performance of the ODYSSEY album.

Amnplify Press Release: “Byron Mark brings Global Sounds”

In the lead up to Byron’s debut Septet performance, AMNPLIFY seek to learn more about the show and instrumentation. Amnplify hosts reviews, galleries and interviews of Australian entertainment.

“Getting to Know multi-instrumentalist Byron Mark”

Stimulated Your Soul

Flavour Mag

In the lead up to Byron’s ‘Amalgamation’ debut album release, Stimulate Your Soul and Flavour Mag interviewed Byron to discover some of his musical secrets and inspirations.

Flavour Mag: “Byron Mark releases Piano Dance” 

Piano Dance was the first single release from Byron’s ‘Amalgamation’ album. Flavour Mag find out exactly how the piece came about and who features on the track.

Scripted Laces Article

Tone Deaf: Premiere Byron Mark ‘Roamin Gnome (feat. Jade Lumbewe)

Roamin’ Gnome is another single release from ‘Amalgamation’; this time a jazz-inspired vocal collaboration with long-time friend Jade Lumbewe. Tone Deaf dive deeper into the tune.

Flavour Mag: “Byron Mark releases infectious album”

Flavour Mag celebrate the release of Byron’s debut album ‘Amalgamation’.