Byron regularly performs with various flamenco ensembles in Sydney and around Australia. After being gifted a cajon in lieu of payment for a gig many years ago, Byron took a large interest in flamenco and fell in love with the rhythms and passionate performance nature of this genre.

Paco Lara

Francisco Lara Puerto, better known as Paco Lara is an acclaimed flamenco guitarist from the birthplace and cradle of flamenco  Jerez de la Frontera, in Spain. Paco started playing guitar at a very young age, when he was only 8-years-old.  In 2018, Paco moved to Australia, and Byron is very fortunate to be part of his touring ensemble, performing on cajon and piano. They have toured Australia since 2019 to celebrate the release of Paco’s album ‘THE ANDALUSIAN GUITAR’, and have more touring planned all across the country in 2022.


Arrebato Ensemble

Arrebato Ensemble performs contemporary flamenco, also inspired by various other genres of world, classical and jazz music.

Arrebato in Spanish means “a sudden and intense burst of emotion.” Lead by best friends and long-time musical collaborators, flamenco guitarist Greg Alfonzetti and Damian de Boos-Smith (cello, oud fretless bass and guitar), they also comprise of Byron Mark (percussion & piano) and dancer Chachy Peñalver. Together, they create passionately moving performances combining incisive ensemble playing, masterful solos and the beauty and power of flamenco dance.

arrebato 505 2017


Flamenkisimo (meaning ‘ultra flamenco’) was born out of a love for flamenco and a desire to acquaint more Australian audiences with this burgeoning art form. Their live shows feature Australia’s best flamenco artists creating a complex interweaving of authentic flamenco melodies and rhythms.

Flamenkisimo was founded by Zoe Velez, long time friend and performing colleague of Byron.


The Sydney Flamenco Studio (Chachy Peñalver)

The Sydney Flamenco Studio  is a professional flamenco dance school founded by Chachy Peñalver. Based in Sydney, the studio teaches all levels and ages following Flamenco traditions as main pillars, but also incorporating a contemporary approach, giving a fresher, more dynamic and modern feel.

Byron works with Chachy and her students in their professional showcases, as well as collaborating with her in other flamenco ensembles and his own original projects (such as Chachy being one of the feature dancers in Byron’s ‘Piano Dance’ release).


Flamenco for Everybody (Annalouise Paul)

Annalouise Paul is a dance maker inspired by cultures and peoples. Dance narratives express the ancestries, histories and memories that reside within our bodies and identity as a constantly transforming construct.

Byron performs on cajon and percussion with Annalouise’s touring show “Flamenco for Everybody”.

Flamenco For Everybody