Byron Mark Music Bands

Octopus Man

One day I decided to experiment with playing the Cajon and piano simultaneously, and I was fascinated with this percussive blend. I like to see the piano as an extension to my percussion station, and have always liked to translate variations of drum rhythms to the piano.

There are so many possibilities with this setup, and I realised I could make a large wall of sound on my own.

John Legend – All of Me (Octopus Man Cover)

This simple setup soon grew to include hi-hats, snare drums, kick-pedals, cowbells and more, until there were plenty of instruments around me to keep all 4 of my limbs busy! It is also a perfect setup for duo/trio gigs, and I perform with many singers using this setup.

Octopus Man is born!

‘Octopus Man’ is my unique spin on the ‘one-man-band’ concept. Taking my live ensemble setup of simultaneous percussion & keyboards, I add in a loop station to boost sonic potential and explore rhythmic possibilities. Basically, I layer bass lines and chords; then perform live melodies or improvised solos whilst maintaining a strong groove on my Cajon.

Daft Punk – Get Lucky(Octopus Man Cover)



I decided to take this solo concept to the streets during Vivid 2015 – and my first busking attempt was a great success. I even had a spectator make a video of me showcasing the awesome light festival – check it out here!