Amalg Revamp

Amalgamation Re-Vamp SOLD OUT…AGAIN!

Take 2 of AMALGAMATION was a great success! This time with a twist, the RE-VAMP show was very well received. With 13 guest musicians performing throughout the night, the audience were thorougly entertained. The night was like a mini-festival, with a journey around the world of different sounds and genres explored. Big thanks to ALL the musicians who performed to help make the evening a very special one indeed 🙂


VOCALS: Luke Koteras, Rosie Henshaw, Rafael Alcolea

GUITAR: Luke Koteras

BASS: Damian de Boos-Smith, Rosie Henshaw

TABLA: Maharshi Raval

Indian Classical Vocals: Rucha Lange

Flute: Keyna Wilkins, Emanuel Leiberfreund

Cello: Damian de Boos-Smith

Flamenco Guitar: Greg Alfonzetti

Flamenco Dance: Chachy Penalver

Didgeridoo: Nicholas Mark

Drums: Shane Barrett

Cajon: Jeffery Argent