ByronBubblesPhotoshoot 108

Burbujas is Released!

The first single from my upcoming Odyssey album is born! Burbujas is a track inspired by the Ocean; the Spanish title literally translating to the word ‘Bubbles’.

The piano and strings melodies depict the soothing sound of the waves; the sound and warmth of the bubbles and white foamy water as it races over the sand. The pizzicato in the string section imitates little bubbles that pop in and out of the water. The grand and majestic nature of the ocean (and an ocean sunrise) inspired the soaring main melody, and fast percussive flourishes imitate the swift movement of little sea creatures.

There is also an exciting film clip soon to be released to accompany this track too – watch this space!!

You can LISTEN TO BURBUJAS on your preferred streaming service HERE