Byron Mark Learn Cajon

Online Cajon Tutorials

I have an online Cajon tutorial series!

I have developed a comprehensive cajon method that takes people through cajon technique and some core essential grooves that allow you to be a versatile cajon player. The series includes 12 chapters aimed at the Intermediate Level, however beginners and advanced players will also be able to benefit from them and the concepts discussed. Each chapter contains a video that is between 5-10 minutes in length, as well as a PDF with detailed explanations and rhythm notations of the grooves discussed.

From years of gigging experience, I was able to create a program that shares the tips and secrets I have discovered along the way, providing an easy and fun way for you to learn how to play Pop and Rock grooves on your Cajon. Some chapters even contain a jam with a LIVE MUSICIAN so that you can see how the grooves work in context (as seen in the picture above). His name is Luke Koteras, longtime musician partner in our electro-acoustic duo ‘Kinetic Method’.

Check out my FREE video here. To purchase the entire Intermediate series, visit my online shop.