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ToneDeaf Media got behind my 2nd single and announced the PREMIER release of “Roamin’ Gnome’. Super excited to share this song and 3D animation video clip with you all! Here’s what ToneDeaf had to say:

24 Feb 2016: ToneDeaf Article

Premiere Byron Mark – ‘Roamin’ Gnome’ (Feat Jade Lumbewe)

Today Sydney’s undeniably talented multi-instrumentalist Byron Mark has just released a jazzy funk filled track dubbed ‘Roamin Gnome’ featuring Jade Lumbewe and it’s one of the most addictive tracks we’ve heard all month.

The song came about when Mark found lyrical inspiration from an incredibly cute article of a gnome being ‘borrowed’ from his garden and taken all around the world before being returned to his owner with a photo album of all his adventures.

The tongue-in-cheek track also features two of Byron’s good musician friends; David Reaston on electric guitar and Daniel Sing on double bass. The playful 3D video which features the gnome going on an adventure was created by Adam Williamson at AWOLproductions.

Check out the clip and single below and if you like what you’re hearing be sure to pop by Byron Mark’s Facebook page for more info on upcoming shows and releases.