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Top 5 in MUSIC OZ (AIMA) Awards!!!

Last week I attended the Australian Independent Music Awards (AIMA) grand finals evening event, hosted by MusicZoz. The event was held at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, where many talented musicians were present in anticiaption of winning an award in their respective sections.

I was a listed finalist in the ‘Instrumental’ and ‘Video Clip’ sections, and on the night, I was nominated in the TOP 5 in Australia for my track ‘Fuego Nocturno’ in the instrumental section! I was stoked! I didn’t win, but was thrilled to have part of my song played on the big sound system to everyone with my face on the big screen – woo! Big thanks to Luke Koteras too who co-wrote this piece with me.

Check out our film clip to FUEGO NOCTURNO here!